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I have known Jeannie Tappan for over 20 years. She is consistently kind to all dogs, whether her own or her clients, large or small. She is invested in the lives of the puppies she produces, wanting to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and temperament.
Our professional relationship has blossomed into a close personal friendship, and I have seen her at home, at the shows, and have traveled with her on multiple occasions. She cares more about the safety and welfare of the dogs in her care than anyone else I’ve known. She handles all my show dogs, and when I have to be out of town, she also boards my small dog, a Yorkie Princess.
Anyone who allows JoJo to sleep on the bed in her home is gold with me!  

Jill Kessler- Miller  

"I am so grateful to Kirsten and Jeannie for providing their insight into the character and personality of the Rottweiler. They were very helpful to me while I was making Black Beauty Breed. It was a joy to include Ebony's Ziva and Ruger in the film!”

Angie Ruiz, Director and Producer of Black Beauty Breed

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